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Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly Noland

I’m running to fight for you!

Service has been an ongoing theme in my life. I served in the US Army at age 17, working as a labor and delivery nurse. After working for 18 years in the healthcare field I retired to raise my special needs son. Now that he is graduating and going to college, I want to return serving the people. The central part of being an elected official is to represent the constituents of Macomb and St. Clair Counties because YOU are paying my salary, not my party or the state. It is important for me to bring decency and integrity back to politics. We also need to move forward and work across the aisle to have a smoothly functioning government by using the arts of compromise and common sense which seems to have been forgotten lately.

I firmly believe that everyday people need to be represented by everyday people. Are you tired of voting for the rich and well connected?  Do you believe our elected officials and their seats should be for sale? I don’t. I believe in the needs of the people of this district and its working families, not the will of corporate and special interests. 

I will bring a fresh voice to St. Clair and Macomb Counties as I don’t own a business whose interests might interfere or be conflicted with my role as your state representative in Lansing. My full time job will be working for and representing what’s best for St. Clair and Macomb Counties along with our great state. I will work hard to represent all of the people in my district, not just those who vote for me. As an honest and transparent candidate, I will honor my office my bringing the same integrity that I have lived throughout my life.

I am fortunate enough to share my values with my husband of 20 years, Harold, and we are the parents of a special needs son. We know it’s not easy to support a family and prepare for retirement and I will work to see that all people in Michigan have the opportunity to earn a prosperous living for their family than ends in a comfortable retirement.

Thank You and Stay Safe my Friend...........

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